Gourmet experience all day

Meal service

Gourmet Experience

Lunch and Dinner

Our chef proposes a small, innovative menu with dishes of his own creation, inspired by the French and Nordic cuisines, adapted to using the best from the natural abundance of Chile.

He always uses fresh produce, preferable from our own region.

To accompany your dinner, you can enjoy wines from regional boutique vineyards, or beer from local micro-breweries.

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Delicious lunch and dinner - La Mirage Parador

Our breakfast - La Mirage Parador


Start your day with our delicious breakfast

As to start your day in a perfect way, we serve you a fresh and healthy breakfast, mostly prepared in our own kitchen.

In La Mirage Parador we bake our own bread and cakes, make the jams, the muesli and much more.

You will enjoy your breakfast on our roofed terrace with a view of Tunquén’s nature.

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Our kitchen values

Gourmet experience all day.

Our dishes are inspired by Chilean as well as international cuisine, some are interpretations of some well-known recipes, and some dishes created by the owner.

We always use the best quality products, always locally sourced when possible.

In the event that we cannot find a product locally, we try to source it regionally, then nationally and in some cases, we buy products from another Latin American country. As an example, we get our vanilla from Mexico, which is an essential ingredient in confectionery.

We prepare the dishes from scratch in our kitchen, such as the sauces, the paté, the ice cream, the jams and marmalades, salad dressings and decoration coulis, etc. We do not use ready-made products and we don’t use a microwave.

We buy locally.

We buy our vegetables and fruit locally, in Algarrobo, El Yeco and Casablanca. The meat, fish and seafood are sourced in Algarrobo, mostly of Chilean origin but the Equatorial shrimps are too good not to be included on our dishes.

Our wines are all Chilean, most from small boutique vineyards in Casablanca Valley, but also from other valleys like San Antonio, Colchagua, Cachapoal and Maipo.

We always use fresh produce, preferably from our own region.